Spell my name side

Spell My Name- comes in a comfortable 10cm gold heel and a black Suede peep-toe outlook . It is also personally accessorized with a detachable ankle charm bracelet- a personal gift from us to you! The black and gold charms come in different variations. 'I always wanted to have playful options with my shoes, things to add on or remove that always make the shoe look different and exciting every time you wear'.

Size Me Up

Size Me Up- comes in a comfortable 10cm gold heel identical to that of the Spell My Name.A peep-toe that comes in two whimsical colours( S baby yellow and a milky white. Again the tape measure ankle strap can be removed and you have the option to match the colour of the tape measure to the colour of the shoe or contrast the two. The inter changeable straps will always be a key facet of our designs as we love to reinvent or recreate certain styles.


Housemates - comes either in a very steep 12cm height for the daring fashionistas or this world or a simple 10cm height for those who are comfort conscious. Housemates in 13 different bold colours were inspired by the different personalities of the women in Big Brother Africa Season 8.