About Pink Bottoms

I took inspiration from my 3 favourite designers, Sophia Webster for her feminine and soft colours, Sergio Rossi for his seductive shapes and elegant lines and of course Christian Louboutin for his signature trait and dizzy heights.I have incorporaAted all those elements but paid more attention to the feet of African Women who sometimes have to squeeze their wide feet into narrow made shoes without ample room for their toes to sit comfortably.

Our first collection is named 'The Housemates' titled after my fellow female Housemates from the reality show that made me a household name, Big Brother Africa Season 8. It is available in 13 vibrant and fashion forward colors. Every color embodies the traits and 'moods' of each of the girls I shared one of my most cherished memories with. The main emphasis was on height and comfort. unlike many pigalle/pointy designs that leave toe cleavage that a lot of African women are uncomfortable with, I insured that the frontal dimensions allowed the toes to be comfortably embedded.

PokelloPinkBottoms second collection is called 'Size Me Up'. It comes in two colors; a subtle yellow and a pure white symbolized with a distinctive Tapemeasure ankle strap. The tape measure and the name 'Size Me Up' was my way of incorporating Fashion Designing and Shoe Designing. The fusion of these 2 elements has become a fulfilling passion that leads to bursts of creativity, ingenuity and spurs originality.

Our Third collection is named 'Spell My Name'. I describe this conspicuous design as my stamp into the world of 'Shoe Designing'. With it's formidable trademark embellished on the ankle strap, the name POKELLO imprinted in gold and standing boldly is arguably the most daring and profound aspect of my entry into the competitive industry. A loud entrance that 'Spells My Name' for all to see. I have combined suede, sheep skin leather textures, a gold heel and chain to give u that 'diva' 'bling' shoe ideal for making an unforgettable entrance.

Infamous for my love of bright pink lipstick, I made that the signature eye catching aspect of my brand. The neon pink under of the shoes is definitely the selling point of the brand name 'PokelloPinkBottoms'